Yes- I am new to cnczone- and came here to get help from you folks

Does anyone know where I can get postprocessors for V32 4axis Bobcad for my faunc21iMB and a generic router 4 axis post for the fanuc ?

I bought the V32 in april, and didnt install it or have a use for it until this now.

NOW bobcad tells me I waited too long to get support! No free post processors for you! $732.00!!!

Shucks--I got posts and support for V26 years after buying it. Bobcad must be like most of the world lately--grinding

every penny they can out of the consumer.

Your help will be most appreciated--by the way--the 4axis need is not a business endeavor.

I am making heads/busts of my family members. )see profile pic) I have been using a white light scanner and V26 3

axis. I need to trade up to 4 axis to improve the model and cut down on hand jobbing.

Cheers, cnc'rs