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    Question Bodor BCL0605MU - Timing belt replacement


    I'm hoping someone on the forum can help me. I need to replace the timing belt on the X-axis of my Bodor laser, but I can't work out the specification of the belt that I need. I've tried to contact the manufacturer but have had no success. Can anyone help withwhich measurements I need to take and how to convert them into the belt that I need?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Bodor BCL0605MU - Timing belt replacement

    Hi, where do you come from? The aftersale service team is divided due to countries, so if you tell me I may help you with the problem.

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    Re: Bodor BCL0605MU - Timing belt replacement

    I'm in the UK, but I bought the machine second-hand via a private sale, so not sure if I am entitled to an aftersale service. I have since had a reply from the Bodor team asking for my contact details, etc, so hopefully I'll get an answer from them soon

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    Re: Bodor BCL0605MU - Timing belt replacement

    OK, good luck to you. If there are any question, please reply me here.

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