I hope this is the right place to post. I'm new here but have been running a small design/fabrication shop for several years now. We have some acrylic smell issues with our indoor air filtration system.

We have an Epilog Mini 24 with a 40W tube which we use to mostly cut and engrave acrylic sheets, 1/8" thick. It is exhausted through a semi-rigid aluminum duct, to a BOFA AD350, which exhausts the air into our space. The aluminum duct is 4" DIA, and is fitted snuggly into both units, and taped over with Aluminum tape.

The indicators on the front are perfectly fine - all dark, except the green operating light. We replaced both the HEPA Carbon and the pre-filter in October (3 months ago) so for in all the system is in operational order. We're also running the BOFA unit at almost 100% fan speed - all the lights in the fan 'scale' are on except the one at the very top.

Can't quite figure out what else I can do to minimize the smell. At work we have a similar system using a Universal Versa laser and a very similar fume extractor from Purex which doesn't smell much at all. The only difference there is that it has a black plastic hose connecting the two instead of a semi-rigid aluminum duct like ours.

Do you guys have any suggestions for how to mitigate this issue without actually venting to the outside? Unfortunately it's not an option as I'm running the shop from my condo and the neighbors will likely notice the smell.

Thanks so much,