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    Question Bridgeport 2J head noise

    Know this is old news - but I haven't been able to decide where my noise is coming from so I can fix it.

    1969 2J 11/2 HP varispeed

    I have experimented based on previous posts and have found out this so far.

    Mostly quiet in neutral
    Noisy in high sounds like knocking or a chipped tooth while running
    Slight noise in low same sound as high
    Spindle TIR around .0005
    Spindle has spline slop in both high and low
    I had the head rebuilt supposedly less than 100 hours ago. It was done off the machine - new belts etc. It was noisy when I put the head back on think I got shafted but have since moved me and the 2J across the country so ----------

    Looking for help in being able to identify the problem before I buy any parts for a fix. What do I look for and where?

    Thanks in advance

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    Most noise comes from the vari drive. The bushings in the movable disks wear out and rattle. But they are still running in neutral. What is not running is the spindle and bull gear with its supporting bearings.


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    Thanks for the response -- based on your comments could it be the splined gear hub/spindle pulley hub or could it be the bull gear? If I push the high gear beyond the detent / deeper engagement of the clutch it gets better all though still noisy.

    Thanks again

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    Spindle pulley hub supports the front vari drive discs. It is spinning even in neutral. The splined gear hub supports the bull gear.and drives the spindle. The top of the splined gear hub engages the spindle pulley hub when in high gear. These "teeth" engage about half way when they are new and slowly wear going deeper to prevent play. Eventually on a high hour head, they are worn out and will rattle. But they are about 500 dollars a pair.
    You need to do a tear down to really know what is going on.


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    I agree with machintek,
    tear it down and inspect, putting it off can make repairs costly.
    speaking from experience, the motor shaft keyway can make the same
    noise, if let go to long, it will ruin the motor shaft.
    been there done that. pricey.

    da riverrat.

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    Thanks to all.

    It makes sense now -- time to get out the tools

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    This may be a wild shot, but it was the problem with a friend's mill. He had a vibration that we finally tracked down to the belt. With the cover off the head (his is a Boss) we marked the belt and turned the motor pulley by hand. There was a tight spot every so often. It matched up with the mark on the belt, not the pulley keyways. He ordered a new belt, installed it and said it sounds fine now. I haven't been back over to hear it yet. He originally had a bent motor shaft which he had repaired. And his bushing sleeves were fine. The belt appeared to vary in width. Just something else to check for.

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    i have a bridge port series one that i have been trying to fix the head noise on and off for a year! i have had the motor rbuilt 3 times because i did not replace worn out pulleys and bearings. i now have the machine tore apart and replaceing everything from pulleys, bearings ,keys. i put new belts on it a little while ago,i also pulled the spindle out and checked the bearings in it.it should be back together in a couple of days. if this dosent take care of the problems i wont know what else can be done.


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