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    Unhappy Bridgeport Discovery 300 moved and now has issues

    Customer recently bought a working machine to learn on, moved it a mile down the road, we changed the line voltage from 208 to 480. Because I like my customer I have jumped in to help them troubleshoot it. I have the original manual which includes the trouble shooting guide. Was modified at one time to have a hard drive and USB port. There was a jump drive on the keyboard and I recently inserted it into the USB port just in case hoping it was some type of "boot disk".

    The flow chart asks if "does the CRT have a RAM message?" and not sure what the answer is. But now that I have looked at the CRT images again I see some potential issues being display on he DOS screen, but do not located a guide to walk me through how to proceed.

    I am trying to identify the internal boards - SAFL and FMDC board to follow the the trouble shooting section. I ask that because I observe a board with plenty of chips attached and several LED's that seem to match the description on the attached file CNC 5.jpg for page 12-8 from the manual.

    I have wires to find to check terminations for the voltage I should find and cannot locate them on the wiring diagram or by visually looking in the right side enclosure. I circled what I cannot locate on one of the page 12-3 of the manual.

    Hoping it is something simple I should check for.

    Thank you in advance.

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    CNC 5.jpg  

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