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    bridgeport vmc800/22 BMDC not runnig

    Hi everyone
    i try to fix stopped machine after some years that not working, is a bridgeport VMC800 /22
    when i power up and execute run.exe the control software appear the message to said BMDC not running after this i go to startup
    the B3T.exe this is a test control of the cnc, i see some physical testing like bmdc board and other things like memory, uart and others
    but Analog test is not passing the message said, expected ADC X axis value is 0 ADC value 6, and other testing said
    ADC or DAC error!
    expected ADC X axis value is 80 ADC value 7F
    i need some help about this issue
    thank you very much

    Note: upload some images for more details of this issue

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    Re: bridgeport vmc800/22 BMDC not runnig

    I don't know if you ever got this figured out but I had the same issue. In quite a few different threads, machinetek suggests removing the BMDC board and cleaning all of the contacts with a pencil eraser. He also suggests moving it to a different ISA slot if possible. I did this and it worked straight away.
    Give her a go and let me know what happens. It sucks to read through threads that have no resolution!

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