Yesterday I was doing a basic surfacing operation when I noticed the gantry not moving evenly. One side moved smoothly and the other jumped. I had a similar issue a long time ago and traced it to a loose wire in the control box. With that in mind I went to the box and everything check out okay at first glance. I went back to the table, looking at the motors, I see on the ground the pinion laying there! The shaft had sheared off.
So no I am looking for a replacement stepper motor. What I currently have is the NEMA KL23H286-20-8B. I order two (one for back up) on eBay from automationrolls. The next day I get a notice from them that the motor is not in stock even though they list more than ten available(?). They offered to send the NEMA kl23h2100-30-4b or the 35-4b, he said that either one will work just fine.
My concern is I know very little about the mechanics for these machines and do not want to mess it up by miss matching motors. Any advise on if these would work with the existing motors and the existing drivers, power supply ect.? Please let me know if you have any suggestions or direction I should take.
I have searched around a bit and can not seem to locate this original motor. The ones I do find are sold by the same outfit under a different name, all coming down to automation technology....
Thanks for the help,