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    Sep 2006

    Cool brother (conversation) mode Editor or software

    I need a help regarding this matter? can anyones give and suggestion or recommendation, if any software availlable in market?

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    not sure what you are asking but i do work whith brother cnc machines and think i can help.

    if you are looking for software to write or edit programs in conersational, there isnt any. sad but tru

    do you have g code on your machine?

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    check out www.simplecnc.com. It is a converstional program.

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    that software will not work on a brother. the machine does not read g code

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    Aug 2005
    For the conversational Brother machines there really isn't any software for off-line programming. The best thing would be to go to a programming class. The control is very nice once you learn how it works.
    Unfortunately, the Brother manuals are written in Jinglish and not much help.

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    programing in conversational i can help just let me know, know need to take a class.

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    Sep 2003

    Re: brother (conversation) mode Editor or software

    Solgood do you still program the conversational brother control?

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    Hi everyone..
    Will any of you have the A-00 conversational manual from brother...
    no matter the model is to familiarize myself with these controls...

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