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    Brother TC-S2A 4th Axis?????


    We recently purchased 3 Brother S2A's. Two of the machines are in great shape. One of those has a 10K spindle, the other has a 16K spindle. While the third machine is operational, it has some issues. We've pretty much decided to use it as a parts machine for the other two machines. All of them are year 2000 with first gen A00 controllers. One of the two good machines has expanded memory, though I'm not sure which one.

    We would like to add a 4th axis to one of the two good machines. For now, we're thinking that should be the one with the 16K spindle, but we could change our minds later.

    I have been exploring how this is done. From what I gather, there are two options. The first (OPTION-A) is to use an indexer with a control box using M-Codes. This sounds to me to be a little easier install but seems like it's more difficult to program. With this option, do we need to generate G-code for the A00 Controller and load the indexer with a different program? The A00 tells the 4th axis Go, the indexer then moves per a program that's entered into it and then tells A00 it's done. ---OR--- does one "entire" program go into the A00 and it tells the indexer which moves to make and the indexer sends the done signal back to the A00 when it's complete? It seems like a real PITA if we need to program them independently.

    OPTION-B is to buy a 4th axis that can the same Denki motors, encoders and drivers as the x, y and z axis. My thinking is we already have these items on the parts machine, including the cables. What else would we need? I don't mind paying the Yamazen tech to do the install if we can use these parts, we just cant afford to buy all these parts new from them because it would be crazy expensive. What can I say, we're a self funded startup and have limited cash.

    If OPTION-B is the way to go,,,, would it be silly to think we could actually do a fifth axis as well? I would be elated if we could do this. Is it even possible???

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    Re: Brother TC-S2A 4th Axis?????

    I can gauruntee that Yamazen will tell you not "no" to but "hell no" to bastardizing a 4th axis together for an obsolete machine. Even if you find a factory 4th for it, I'd be surprised if they would have a parameter sheet for a machine that old.

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