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    Budget Notebook for UCCNC?

    Is anyone using a budget notebook to run UCCNC software? I'm thinking about buying Acer Aspire A114-31-C7VN for my EMCO F1 conversion.

    The minimum CPU frequency for UCCNC is 1.80 GHz.

    The notebook uses Intel Celeron DC N3350 proccessor. Processor's base frequency is 1.10 GHz and burst frequency is 2.40 GHz. I am not sure which frequency is relevant but I suspect it's the base frequency.

    There won't be more than 3 axis running at the time.

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    Re: Budget Notebook for UCCNC?

    I think the processor speed is not the problem, the dedicated graphics ram is more important.

    Arturo Duncan
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    Re: Budget Notebook for UCCNC?

    Absolutely agree, the processor speed isn't the main thing you should worry about. Better pay attention to the graphics ram.

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    Re: Budget Notebook for UCCNC?

    I honestly suggest that you better pay attention to other things, for example to the graphics ram. Also, I have to admit that Acer is not the brand I would ever recommend. Why not better invest in a good laptop and profit from this investment in the long run? If buying a more expensive computer is not a option for now, than make sure you will be able to adjust this computer to your needs. For example will you be able to overclock the cpu? Have a look here: https://www.xbitlabs.com/how-to-overclock-cpu/ or will you be able to change the graphics ram? Hope this answers you question.

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