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    Question Building a 1500x3000mm 3D wood carving CNC

    Hello everyone

    I registered here to get help and help as much as I can.
    So I'm starting a new project which is a 1.5x3 meters 3 axis wood CNC machine.
    I have no experience in building any kind of CNC (I worked with laser CNC and plasma cutting and a lots of CNC machines) but this project is a Must for me and as much as I explored through DIY projects people made smaller versions very easily (at least it seems like that)!

    I appreciate any kind of specific (because I'm newbie XD) help, links for sharing, part lists and table designs to be cost efficiently. In one sentence I'm gonna need 0 to 100 instructions which I hope you can help me provide.
    I live in Iran and prices here are almost 50 times more than other countries and growing expediently, so its a matter of time for me to at least buy parts.

    So sorry for my bad English, and the topic that's this much general.

    I want to start with electronics because their growth rate are more than other parts!!

    Thanks for helping.

    I'm experienced in 3D modeling, 2D vector/pixel designing, programming and a little bit mechanics and electronics.

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    Re: Building a 1500x3000mm 3D wood carving CNC

    If you don't have any experience in building a CNC, I would read the hundreds of building threads on this site, learn about the different approaches to the design and find the one closest to what you are planning and take that as a starting point.

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