Hello, CNC Nuts.

This Thread is to help:. Newbies, CNC Hobbies.

Feel free to post. Ideas, Suggestion. Recommendations, Possibilities. Creative.

Stepper Motor's Nema 17, 23,24,34,42. & Stepper Drive to Close Loop Driver.

Spinlde Motor: Air, Water cooling, Compressed Air. Size: 52mm to 80mm, ER11,ER20,ER25- 800W to 4.5kw

So CNC Machine is 6040Z and started my build on this frame..


Effective working travel : 400(X)mm*590(Y)mm*75(Z)mm
Shape dimension : 880*670*520mm
Max.workpiece dimension : 750mm*450mm
Max.workpiece dimension : 750mm*450mm
Work table dimension : 750mm*480mm*20mm
Max.thickness of the materials : ?100mm(the distance between Z axis and the bottom of the working station)
Frame materials : aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061
Driving units X axis : NEW 1605 ball screws
Driving units Y axis : NEW 1605 ball screws
Driving units Z axis : NEW 1605 ball screws

My first stepper motor, Was Nema 23 285zo 1.8, TD6560 Driver and Spindle 65mm 500w 110v 12000rpm. Since then i hive upgrade CNC Machine.

Now its 2.2kw 220v Spindle, And DM542A Driver- Stepper motor 23 Nema 425zo. As time when by, I notice my configuration setup was not enough for my work load, Especially if going to cut alumunum.

My new suggestion for and upgrade.

Nema 34 9Nm Closed Loop Stepper Servo Motor 2 Phase Hybrid Driver CNC Kit/ CL86Y Driver


Nema 24 4Nm Closed Loop Stepper Servo Motor 2 Phase Hybrid Driver CNC Kit CL57Y Driver

And Spindle Upgrade:

FM30C: 3hp ISO30 220V 24,000rpm Ceramic Bearings by CNC Depot.

My major concern.

Would my 6040 frame be able handle the weight capacity of new hardware.

So let's get started..

Q, Suggestion ?