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Thread: C11 to C11G

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    C11 to C11G

    Hello all

    I’m replacing my C11 that somehow got a piece of aluminum shavings on it and fried the limit switch part of it, with a C11G. I have everything else connected and working but I can’t figure out how to hook up the spindle control like I had on my C11. In the process of trying different things I managed to fry my UC100, new one will be here in a couple days. I just hope I didn’t fry the C11G. On my C11 I just had to run 2 wires from the controls on my 0704 to the C11. Can someone please help?

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    Re: C11 to C11G

    How did you have the old board setup in MACH?
    The new C11g use PMW signal and not step dir

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