Started wiring for my new CNC which includes Mach3, 4 Stepper Motors/Drivers, ESS and C11G Rev-9 BOB). So far all the required power in the control panel is done (110VAC, 48VDC, 12VDC and 5VDC). Perhaps I’m wrong but the ESS is not connected yet to the laptop thinking it’s best to connect the power first.

I find the C11G BOB User Manual quite basic because I don’t know the meaning of the lights shown in the attached pictures. The Inputs are all set to Pull Down, the E-Stop is wired as hardware disable and my E-Stop is a NC switch.

The pictures show when I power the C11G I get the outputs green light ON but I have 2 red lights ON on pins 5V and 10 and I don’t know if this is ok. When I press the E-Stop, the outputs green light goes OFF and there is a red light on pin 5V which I think this is normal.

Do you see anything wrong with my wiring?