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    Calibration of Heidenhain TNCi530 (DMG 5 Axis)

    Thought I'd try and touch base with some of you guys before I embark on a machine calibration.

    I've been running a number of 5 axis TNC426's for the last few years and occasionally have to calibrate these machines. We've recently installed a couple of machines with the 530 control and it's pretty evident that I'll be needing to calibrate at least one of them tomorrow morning.

    My concern is that from basic operation of these machines over the last couple of days I've established that there have been some changes to the system (namely use of preset tables over datum tables and their relation to machine reference points). We've had one or two teething problems with inputting reference figures and setting datums, exacerbated by the fact that we don't have a touch probe.

    With all this in mind, can anyone confirm whether this effects the procedure for manual calibration and input of figures in the 'kine' table?

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Calibration of Heidenhain TNCi530 (DMG 5 Axis)

    I recently buy a dm50v with tnc426 and I have to calibrate it. You calibrated in the past this controller. Can you send me a manual or something can help us to calibrate it?

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    Re: Calibration of Heidenhain TNCi530 (DMG 5 Axis)

    you must use alternative methods to establish your datums and reference points, If you don't have a touch probe. Do you want to know how to download instagram videos and photos? Click on ig story downloader, paste url of a video, photo, reel, or igtv, click on downlaod and there you go. You have your downloaded video.

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