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    Question Cam Clamps - CNC Wood Router

    I'm looking to cut out an assortment of spiral cam clamps for my T-Nut style spoil-board. Being new to CNC I did a lot of research but could not find any drawings or plans out there. Just a lot of discussion and theory.

    So I starting drawing up a simple design.

    Attachment 446034

    So the force perpendicular and arc center point moves depending where you are along the cam face. I understand only about 1/4 arc is usable.

    My question, where is it best to place the center pivot/axis?
    Is there a max ratio lift/rise for the camp?
    Is there a simple formula based on tried and true verse all the theory?

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    Re: Cam Clamps - CNC Wood Router

    For mine, I just drew a 3" circle, and offset the center hole 1/4".

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