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    Cam style program

    Good day everyone,
    I'm just setting up a used 50W desktop laser cutter. I am looking for a CAM style program that will run a laser and allow a tool offset as is done in the milling CAM software such as mecsoft. This will allow me to draw one file and allow me to run it in a CNC router, 3D printer or the Laser without having to do a second drawing with the lines offset to compensate for the kerf of the laser. Does anyone know of such a program? I am willing to spend several hundred dollars so the professional grade $10,000 per year such as Esprite are out of the question.
    Thanks for you input.

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    Re: Cam style program

    You can use Fusion 360 to create the files and offset the toolpath, you will only need (to build) a postprocessor for your control

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    Re: Cam style program

    hy, pls share a few drawings, so to have an idea about complexity; i can deliver custom applications / kindly

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