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    CamSoft with Adlink PCI-8136 card

    Hi guys,

    I'm doing the installation of a CamSoft system on a lathe for a friend. The hardware came with a Adlink PCI-8136 DIO board, not the CS-16600 Motion Board as mentioned in the "Wiring Notes and IO Map Summary.pdf"

    "Wire the Axis Servo motor and encoder connections per Chapter 8 titled “CS-16600 Motion Board” in the “Installation Guide.PDF” file."

    And it references the ICM-1900 and ICM-2900 boards, which we also don't have.

    With this said, the issue at the moment is that the Installation Guide doesn't say where to put the +24VDC and 0VDC wires. I'm also skeptical as to the wiring guide that we were given, so I'll follow this up with CamSoft support as well, but I was hoping that someone knew what was going on.



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    Re: CamSoft with Adlink PCI-8136 card

    Hello John.

    CS16600 is CamSoft product name for the Adlink PCI8136. General installation instruction for it are in Chapter 8 of the CamSoft Installation guide.

    There are direction for connecting the +24 power from the included 24 volt power supply to the CS16600 in the Installation guide so be sure to read chapter 8 carefully. The information is in the beginning of the chapter the references how to install the card in the computer.

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    Re: CamSoft with Adlink PCI-8136 card

    Ah! Thank you!

    That clears that up.

    I did notice that the IO list that came from CamSoft has the E-Stop on pin #37, but the manual specifies pin #57. But that can get sorted out in debug.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: CamSoft with Adlink PCI-8136 card


    To answer your question directly as to where the 24V wires connect to are shown in the diagram & description on page 8-19 of the installation manual.

    The CS-16600 motion board is a custom configured AD-link 8136 motion board made to our specifications. Because we purchase these motion boards from AdLink in small quantities of 100 they used their original 8136 model design as a basis and then configure it for us.

    The ICM terminal strip isn't mentioned in either the "Wiring Notes and IO Map Summary" or the "General Machine Preparation Instruction Summary".
    The wiring charts in the installation manual will cover a lot of different hardware items from many manufacturers including the 2 different ICM terminals. Just ignore the hardware that you don’t have.
    There were no specific wiring charts prepared for your friend because he purchased a reduced cost DIY package back in 2019.

    Your friend chose a DIY package and wanted to work on a “pay-as-you-go“ basis.
    This is still available to him but until then the wiring charts for the motors / drives and other switches and sensors he is using as well as the logic for the machine would need to be developed.

    Tech Support
    CamSoft Corp.
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    Re: CamSoft with Adlink PCI-8136 card

    Thanks for the update, we got past the wiring issues, and we hope to be bumping motors soon.

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