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    CamWorks post process

    Hello everyone,
    Please could someone help me to finish post process for Doosan 6700XL with fanuc Oi control.
    Issue witch i have at the moment is that post process witch im working on at the moment wouldn't make drilling cycles as a group if same tool is in use, For example :
    G81 X Y Z R F
    X Y
    and after in same tool i have G81 again, and number of commands like that depends how many types of holes was in group(if there was spot for thread, hole, ream it will show G81 x3 in same tool).
    Another issue witch i couldnt find how to sort out was how to change F value to a full number, for example F123.12-F123. becouse our controlls wouldnt read F123.12

    Thanks for your time and help

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    Re: CamWorks post process

    That's the code which i'm getting at the moment (operations are grouped as one operation in the camworks).

    (16x 120 SPOTTING)
    1 T02 M06
    G90 G00 X135. Y55. S2080 M03
    G43 Z100. H02 M08
    G81 G98 R2. Z-.75 F472.15
    X-147.5 Y0
    G80 Z100. M09
    X46.1 Y85.18 S2080 M03
    G81 G98 R2. Z-.75 F472.15 M08
    X120. Y80.
    X135. Y55.
    X108.1 Y21.55
    X150. Y0
    X115. Y-83.
    X52.904 Y-20.82
    X42. Y0
    X-55.094 Y20.82
    X-66. Y0
    X-95.9 Y-27.45
    X-147.5 Y0
    X-95.9 Y55.55
    X-122. Y80.
    X-138. Y-83.
    X-64.1 Y-85.18
    G80 Z100. M09
    X120. Y80. S2080 M03
    G81 G98 R2. Z-.75 F472.15 M08
    X115. Y-83.
    X-138. Y-83.
    X-122. Y80.
    G80 Z100. M09

    Is there any way to edit post process so group will be drilled with only one G73,G81,G83 etc...


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    Re: CamWorks post process

    Are the operations actually combined in CAMWorks (one operation in the tree) or are they simply lined up one after another? If they are truly combined, then you have two options. The easiest is to go back to the Feature tab and create a new feature that includes all the holes you want in that group, then delete the old broken groups. The harder, but more efficient long term, way is to modify your post to recognize when the next hole group is the same as the existing hole group and to output a "CONTINUE_DRILL_CYCLE" section instead of starting a new one. This is not a trivial thing, and is best left up to your VAR if you are not comfortable editing post processors. Things can take a wrong, and very dangerous, turn very quickly if you don't know what you're doing.

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    Re: CamWorks post process

    Thanks for your reply,

    Yes, the operations are combined in CW as a group which includes different types of features. I knew about the first option but for me it's not a solution which i like to have. To be honest - yes, i am a beginner if we talking about creating a post process, but so far, i have checked the one which i'm working on now and its working well, but still i have them 2 issues, 1- output for continue drilling, 2- have a F as a full number. I would be very grateful if you could guide me how to modify the post.


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    Re: CamWorks post process

    This is probably the best place to start.

    Digging into the UPG...

    Again, this is not a simple task. Modifying the post involves several interconnected files to be modified carefully. Doing things wrong can output code that contains things that shouldn't be there, or that are completely missing. Always make a backup of your "working" post processor before changing ANYTHING so that you can go back and start over. I have gotten several hours into post modifications before, only to realize that what I was doing was completely wrong and I couldn't even remember all the things I changed. Having a clean slate is imperative. I can answer some of your questions as you go through learning how the post works, but I do not have the time to make it a step-by-step instruction.

    Good luck!

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