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    CamWorks vs MasterCam

    Hi all.

    We are currently running ProCam by Teksoft. We are looking to upgrade to either CamWorks or MasterCam for solidworks.

    We have around 200 machines here and do work for companies like Raytheon, Cat, GE, Haliburton to name a few.

    Can anyone explain the pros and cons of each as of the latest versions? I read threads on comparisons, but they were from 2007. Mastercam has just released a new version also.

    We support 5 axis milling here, also.

    Please let me know your thoughts!

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    I prefer CAMWorks

    I can go on and on about this, but I will condense my reply to some bullet points.

    -CAMWorks and MasterCAM use ModuleWorks for their multi-axis machining. So they have the same capabilities.
    -MasterCAM is pretty much the definition of "bloatware". It tried to get up with the times with X, but basically put a pretty face on a DOS platform.
    -CAMWorks is written in .NET Windows code, so it is way more stable when MS comes out with a new version of Windows.
    -Because CAMWorks is directly tied to SolidWorks it has to keep up. This means software and hardware compatibility.
    -There are more MasterCAM users out there, but that doesnt mean it's better. That just tells me that it is in more schools and is easier to steal.
    -CAMWorks lead the way with technology that MC is still playing catchup with. Feature recognition, tool cribs, working inside SoidWorks.
    -That being said, (getting on my soapbox) MC upsets me with how REACTIVE not PROACTIVE. For how big MC is and how much money they have, they should be blazing trails in the CAM industry. Instead they just sit back, see what sells and then try to kludge it into their product.
    -CAMWorks has some awesome features, like being able to save the way you machine individual parts and set it as a default strategy. So you machine a ton of widgetkabobs, you can say, "Machine this the way I machine all my widgetkabobs!" This saves a ton of time especially when doing 4 and 5 axis.
    -CAMWorks last release was super solid. Now before anyone flames on this, all software has issues. But if you go to the CAMWorks forum, you will see a lack of tech issues.
    -CAMWorks support is really good. This is what really sold me on CAMWorks. The reseller channel is very knowledgeable and gets great support from Geometric corporate offices.

    This is more a side note...some one once said to me, "Ya know why MasterCAM has 10 ways to cut a pocket? Because none of them work."

    IMO-MasterCAM is the biggest not because they are the best. They are the biggest because they got into educational and it was SUPER easy to steal. These two things lead to a big user base, not it's excellent interface or superior ability.

    Flame away all you MasterCAM Zealots!!!

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    Hello. I am with Access Manufacturing Systems. We not only provide CAMWorks currently but were a long time ProCAm reseller as well. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

    Thank you,

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    Lots of CAM software out there and I certainly haven't used all of them but of the ones I have; Esprit, MasterCAM, Gibbs, Pro-M, Surfcam and CAMWorks, my favorite all-round CAM package is still Esprit... despite the fact that it's not nearly as widely distributed as MasterCAM or even Gibbs. That said, some packages do better in some areas than others, so you really need to find what suits your operation best.

    Mastercam seems to have a strange cult following and I agree with many of mdlmkr's comments in regard to that.

    I wouldn't worry so much about any type of "direct plug-in" to Solidworks mantra; every package worth owning will directly import a .sldprt file.

    The real question here is a) finding a package that fits your operations the best and b) finding a package that has great (local) user support. Times have a changed a bit, because now there are a multitude of internet forums to discuss your CAM choice on, but you'll still need direct local support if you're going to keep putting chips on the floor with minimum downtime. The first CAM package I learned was Gibbs and we purchased it mainly because their sales associate could actually machine (virtually) the parts we needed to make. The Esprit guys just looked at the part and scratched their heads. The others didn't seem to have many ideas about how to incorporate our machining methods with their software either... so Gibbs it was.

    Granted, a couple of the other packages were much more robust, but I got the feeling, I'd be learning it and teaching it to them as time went on.

    Sorry to go off tangent here but yeah, need good support if you're going to get the most out of your purchase.
    The Manufacturing Reliquary

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    Re: CamWorks vs MasterCam

    One way to help you decide what cam package you need is to ask some questions and have the companies that provide the packages that you are looking at answer the questions. What ever cam package answers all or most of the questions you have would be the best for you. For example I am looking for a new cam package right now also. The questions that I am asking is does the cam software talk with design? Can the software program a probe? I am looking at camworks right now and deciding if we are going to stay with mastercam or not. The answer that I got so far is that mastercam is very limited in communicating with design which in my company is solidworks. Cam works runs in side of solidworks and communicates very well. Mastercam can program a renisaw probe but mastercam does not support it. Renishaw made it and mastercam adds it for a selling point. Mastercam told that to me themselves. Camworks can program all probes. The more questions you ask the easier it will be to make the decision.
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