Okay just purchased a haas vf4ss with an hrc210 and the discounts that haas been been plastering on their webpages don’t add up for on my machine price.

Okay it clearly states any vmc or option 10 percent off.
Rotary tables were 10 percent off to but if you purchase one with a new vmc it give you an extra 5 percent off your total order bringing it to 15.
Now,if you ordered by today the 18th you got an additional 5 percent off bring it to a total of 20 percent off your total order.

My total order before discounts was 118,549.90
The discounts were 17,243.00
Total after discounts was 105,971.90

At 20 percent discounts it comes out to 23,709.98
For a difference of 6,466.98

That’s a good amount of money,I don’t care who you are.

So had anyone else dealt with anything like this? Has anyone bought a haas on here since they started the sells that ended today? I would love to hear from you so I can decide what to do? I could be thinking about it all wrong and in NO WAY saying the HFO screwed up but, hey, were only human. I posted this in Pratical Machinist also so if you seen it there yeah same guy.