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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tormach Personal CNC Mill > Canada - Studica or Tormach ? CSA ?
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    Canada - Studica or Tormach ? CSA ?

    Hi !

    I want to buy a pcnc440, im in Canada. (Quebec)

    Im wondering if i should go with the distributor Studica or directly with Tormach. I think its cheaper with Tormach but i have to use a broker service so at the end i dont really know, is that expensive ? and for Canadian here, how much tormach charge you for the shipping approx ?

    Studica charge me 1800$CAD for shipping and 1k for the CSA certification. I want to use it for personnal use, is the CSA is obligatory ?

    Thanks you guys!! Im a little bit lost

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    Re: Canada - Studica or Tormach ? CSA ?

    If you are willing to consider a used machine there was one listed on the Nova Scotia Kijiji last week. It's probably still there. The website is down right now so I can't verify if it is still available or not.

    Never mind looks like it has been sold.

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