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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > CNC "do-it-yourself" > Cannot find any router head for my diy CNC
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    Cannot find any router head for my diy CNC

    Hello guys, i'm new here.
    In my workspace they need a CNC Router, and asked me if i could create a plan for the DIY production.

    Now I'm struggling for the Router head, because i can't find anything. I'll leave you some renders, so you can give me some advices.

    Thank you a lot.

    P.S= I'll leave my first idea for the head crated with an old model of a DREMEL

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    Re: Cannot find any router head for my diy CNC

    Difficult to know where to start with this one.I would begin by drastically reducing the height of the Z axis. Your cutting depth will be limited by the distance from the tip of the cutting tool to the mounting plate for the Dremel (or whatever you choose to use) and you won't be doing much with the excess Z travel.The side plates for the gantry don't have much width at the base and any amount of play in the closely spaced bearings will be greatly magnified at the top of the gantry,so I would make them a bit wider as well as less tall.It appears that the Z axis at least will be running on round rails and they don't look particularly large,you would do much better with supported rails maybe SBR12.The same might apply with even greater emphasis to the longitudinal rails but it isn't clear what they are so maybe you have that aspect covered.

    Toothed belt drive is just about ok for a modest sized machine but I don't understand how you intend the Z axis to be assembled.On the longitudinal axis you seem to have the steppers on the inside of the gantry legs and this reduces the work envelope by the length of two stepper motors.It gets even worse when the very wide Z axis backplate moves sideways unless you make it impossible for it to collide with the motor bodies.It looks a lot like schemes of 3 axes that don't readily assemble and allow a good range of movement and clearly needs further refinement.Which is why you have posted it here and that is an indication of a sensible desire to get information to allow a better second iteration.You clearly have the modelling ability to create a very well executed 3D model and it will be interesting to see the next version.

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    Re: Cannot find any router head for my diy CNC

    Hi Suppli - your columns are way too thin and slender. The pulleys will need to be bigger, get a hold of a belt design manual. Seems you intend to billet machine the Z axis body? So you have a large budget for that sort of thing...Your running the gantry on extrusions and plastic wheels? I think you will be disappointed with those. If you think you can build one cheaper then buying one be warned... Its a very steep learning curve and building the first one is expensive $$$. Plus the first one will not hit all your specs or wish list...Better to find a commercial one that does your job and seeing what that looks like. And what feeds, speeds and materials do you want to cut. The conversation is huge... Better to follow some of the build threads, I can see you have much to figure out takes about a year to get the first one done as well... Peter

    Re router head - look for 48V DC brushless spindles they work a treat. The next step up is 1.5kW VSD spindles but your structures will need to be put on steroids, then there's the trimmers, Makita, Dewalt etc. keep researching

    look for the Maximus thread it covers router design A to Z and belt drive design...

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