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    Can't find electrical short

    Working on a Goodway/Yama Seiki GS 4000 with a Fanuc Oi control,
    Having a problem with an electrical short on the 24 volt dc side that I cant seem to locate , I have noticed on two other Goodway machines, on the main relay circuit board, the 24 volt dc circuit wires 5+ and 6- where they plug into the main relay circuit board, there is discoloration on the board as if these wires became very hot at one time, the Goodway/Yama Seiki machine I’m working on now, has this section of the relay board burned (short circuit), this circuit starts from the transformer 24 volt ac and is wired to a dc rectifier, then wired to a capacitor and then wired to a large resistor, from here it is finally wired to the relay board as 24 volt dc power for distribution, this 24 volt circuit, wire 5+ and 6- are distributed throughout the CNC electrical system, has anyone experienced this issue and what was the most likely cause of this short circuit, all other Goodway/Yama Seiki machines located here have the same 24 volt ac to dc configuration, this is the first time I have worked on a Goodway/Yama Seiki machine, I did not mention, I have no electrical prints on this machine,

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    Re: Can't find electrical short

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