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    Can't install uccnc

    I am trying to install uccnc version 1.2048 on a desktop computer running windows 10. When I double click the setup file I get a message saying this app will not run on this PC. I have been running it on a laptop window 10 with Gerry's 2017 screenset without any problems. Not sure what's going on. Does anyone have a solution to load this on my desktop. Thanks Jim

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    Re: Can't install uccnc

    Any other details in the message?
    Do you get the message immediately?
    My guess would be AV software blocking it?

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    Re: Can't install uccnc

    The only other thing it said was check with software company for a version that will run on my computer. The message pops up immediately. I tried version 1.211 and it looked as though it was going to work. I didn't complete the install. I later found a copy of 1.2049 and tried it and it worked. I went ahead and loaded it and set everything up. Haven't run a file yet but everything seems to be working fine. I assume there is very little difference between 1,2048 and 1.2049. Thanks Gerry. I'll check into the AV possibility. Thanks for the reply

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