Ok, I've been fighting this door interlock issue since 2009 on my VF4. To bypass the interlock on that machine I just push a bunch of buttons, the locations and order of which I can't even describe to you. I've been doing it so long It's just automatic. Then on my 2012 VF5 I had to remove the "forks" from the doors and stick them into their receptacles and that was all it took....until last year when they upgraded something in the operating system and now I have to pull the forks out to take tools in and out of the machine, put them back in to run a program. With my 2016 ST-30Y I just gave up and left the interlocks alone. The only issue was that the spindle was limited to 500 rpm with the door open but we can live with that. On my ST-20Y that just got setup today, you can't run the spindle at all with the door open!! What the hell?? I have a very important hand polishing operation that needs to be done with the spindle running, obviously, so I have to be able to run with the door open. Anyone care to share their method for disabling the interlock? Feel free to share via direct message if you don't want to risk the scorn of the Safety Sallys.