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Thread: Carvewright

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    I acquired a Compucarve/carve wright from a friend, it is an older one.
    I talked with the company and they said that I can send it in to upgrade a lot on it.
    I did searches online about them but seen a lot of negative reviews but they seem to be from 2010 and earlier......
    does anyone have any good news now they updated it to the CX version? this is what mine would be (so I am told from the company) with all the upgrades.......

    Is this worth upgrading? or should I look elsewhere for a 3d wood carver for my products?
    I'm not to keen on the having to buy different applications for importing models or that I cannot model my 3d parts in programs I already use, and would have to buy the modeling app separate for the Carve wright also.
    I got the machine for free and the upgrades would be less expensive of buying it new I am told.

    I am going to ask in another thread for information to where to start for a CNC wood router/carver with optional 4th axis for round carving,
    and if I am buying new would look for a larger working surface around 24x30.
    thank you for your help!!!

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    Re: Carvewright

    There are very few if any carvewright users here. You'll get much more knowledgeable info from the Carvewright forum.
    Most members here have built there own machines.

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    Mach3 2010 Screenset

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    (Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management)

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    Stay away from carvewright period.

    Its a horrible design and it will cost you a fortune in maint snd opetating costs and lots of breakdown time.

    Do your research...read reviews...you will see its a very bad product

    You are a dummy if you even think sbout forking out $2300 for a new one

    If u can find a used one for 300$ or less you could try it out but dont spend any money on it.

    Its a money pit....and guaranteed will breakdown or piss you off with all the errors that prevent you from doing a project.

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    Because carbewrights break down so often most of the ones in circulstion are just sitting in shedd or garages rusting away...another fact..the carvewright has many short life perishable very high cost proprietary components .go to their site you will see their 30$ power supply costs $200...their $50 controller board costs $1000..their $25 rubber belt cost $200..their $5 20yr old technology 8mb memory controller card costs $50 .etc etc etc ..unlike a conventional cnc that can be run for hundreds and even thousands of hours with little to no maintenance or replacement parts needed....the carvewright is not capable of this. The carvewright per manual needs maintensnce every 25hrs and some replacement parts at about every 50hrs....operating costs of carvewright over its short life can cost 1x-3x cost of the machinem....and one more thing
    ....LHR technologys aka carvewrights excuse for all their product issues is "its customers fault"....they think all customers are stupid. This is not only inaccurate but its just wrong....go read all the lengthy reviews and BBB complaints.

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    Re: Carvewright

    You do realize this post is from 2015?

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