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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Uncategorised CAM Discussion > CENTROID DIGITIZING NIGHTMARE
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    Purchased the controller, bought their upgraded $$$$ CNC12 PRO and Digitizing bundle. Did a surface scan that took 3 days. Only to find out NO PROGRAM uses their *.DIG file. So I do the DIG TO CAD export, it poops out a TXT file. TXT file doesnt work with the following...

    vectric aspire $$$$ down the drain
    Mesh lab - NOPE
    meshmixer - Nope

    so Ive spent about 4000$ and have nothing to show for it other than 3 weeks of wasted time. Please help

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    My (mostly uninformed) understanding is that the TXT file is just a list of points, which is what these programs are looking for. You might have to do some simple text processing to convert that file into something the receiving program wants the point cloud files to look like. You may also have to manually rename the file extension to something other than TXT. There may be utilities that do this. Sounds like your file is going to be huge, so using search and replace in Word or something probably won't work. I suggest contacting support for Vectric and let them know you have a text file with a list of coordinates that you want to import as a point cloud. They might have something built in that can do the conversion, or might have software to recommend.

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