Hi there Sir's. We just bought a Milltronics MB20 year 1999 with centurion 6 cnc controls and based from its system info it has 3 axis SLS CNC 6.3141 FLASH. The problem is we cannot upload a CAD file (dxf) on it because everytime we followed the steps available in youtube is says on the panel that """ SCREEN UNSUPPORTED""". And also it has different steps from what i had research, instead of STORE > DRILL or MILL > CAD>MENU, it has STORE> CAD> MILL or DRILL. and then that is the time the error appears after clicking on either MILL or DRILL buttons. Do you think it has to do something with the SLS type and not the normal CNC control. I am a newbie with the centurion system and very much appreciated to those you will share their professional advise. Thanks much!