Had a tech come out to diagnose a display issue among other things. Suggested the power supply be replaced. Replaced power supply, but turned out the display was fried. Connected a monitor to the machine. Up until this point everything had been running fine, the biggest issue was the display. When the machine was powered back on, it was unable to execute a tool change. The arm would move in but the carousel would not rotate. However, with M commands to rotate the carousel, arm in, arm out, orient spindle, drawbar on/off, home carousel, the machine works fine. It executes all commands. I suspected something could be wrong with the parameters. Had 2 different people suggest I try reloading them. When I view the parms though and compare them to the printout that came with the machine, they are all the same. I am currently waiting on a floppy drive (I'm getting hardware failure message) and will try reloading to see what happens.

I am curious if something else may be going on here given the parms are still showing and matching the printout. Any suggestions?