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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Milltronics > Centurion V need floppy reader help
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    Centurion V need floppy reader help

    Hello Folks,

    Could really use some help, and sincerely appreciate any suggestions.

    I have a very old (about 1992)Fryer Mill with a Milltronics Centurion V controller. It's been sitting for a few months, and now the floppy disc drive doesn't work. It doesn't even power up when you put a disc in (light doesn't light, no sign of spinning disc, etc).

    I have tried replacing the drive with 2 different drive (from old computers), and have also tried directly wiring both ribbon cable and power to the board using different wires. Still nothing, so I don't believe it's a failed drive.

    Have also tried writing to disc and formatting a disc, still zero activity from the drive.

    The CMOS battery was dead, so I replaced that, and am thinking maybe that somehow caused the machine to loose contact with the disc reader.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this?

    I would really like to keep the floppy drive working, as that's how I have been loading programs. Have had no success with establishing communication with a cable /computer interface.

    Again, has anyone else seen this and have any suggestions?

    Get Error 152: Drive not ready error message.
    System is Cneturion V System SHell Version 1.12
    System is Microsoft MS-DOS Version 3.30 (1981-1987)

    Help sincerely appreciated,
    Thank you,

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    Re: Centurion V need floppy reader help

    HI Sam, Give me a call. the CMOS needs to be set for the floppy tupe that you have. also could be a I/O board problem.


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    Re: Centurion V need floppy reader help

    Hi Sam
    I have controller Centurion 5 from 2 axis CNC milltronics mill.
    Software display "centurion I CNC 2.97"
    It must go

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