Hi everyone, I need help with PCB chamfering.

I would need help with the parameters of this tool and basic things, such as the direction of machining and the basic things that can affect the final quality of the cut.

I don't know what I'm doing next, so that the connector is always 100% and has no burrs !!!! It also depends on the thickness of the PCB, what worked at 1.5 mm thickness may no longer work at 0.8 mm.

The only message from the manufacturer regarding the parameter is:
Spindle speed as low as possible 10.-20k in feed x; y axis start with 0,5m / min and set up higher step by step so long as the quality of champfering is good enough.

The Schmoll machine we use works in min.15k and max.60k

My parameters that I use so far are:
0,8 90 0,5m/min 35k Converional milling.
1,5 120 0,15m/min 15k Climb milling.
1,5 140 0,4m/min 20k Climb milling.

Thank you all for your time. Alternatively, for links where I could learn the basics about milling from the very beginning.