Hi everyone, I read somewhere that you can copy the machine and delete the Haas 4x mill mmd and it will run as a 3 axis. I tried and failed, I still need to delete the A0 in my g-codes. Any help would be great MasterCam X5 on a Haas 3 axis.

N100 G20
N110 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90
N120 T215 M6
N130 G0 G90 G54 X0. Y0. A0. S305 M3
N140 G43 H215 Z2.
N150 G98 G84 Z-.525 R.1 F33.9556
N160 G80
N170 M5
N180 G91 G28 Z0.
N190 G28 X0. Y0. A0.
N200 M30