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    Change Tools in Middle of Program - How to?

    I've got a program that requires eleven different tools, but the toolchanger in my Haas mill only holds ten. I don't want to have two separate programs and, since the program is long, I don't want to have to restart it from the beginning after the tool change. Is there a way to 'pause' the program while the tool change is made?

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    Re: Change Tools in Middle of Program - How to?

    If your machine has a swing arm type tool changer you can use T0 as a tool call, and enter the T0 tool height in a spare H column. (I'm talking Fanuc, but isn't this the same on Haas?)

    If you have a Carousel type changer, then what about M00 Mandatory stop? Program two tools as if they each had a place in the carousel, use an arbitrary spare tool height offset for one of them, and put an M00 between each transition/tool change period.

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