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    ChinaCNC 100w missing cuts - help needed

    Hi all, I’m experiencing an issue where my ChinaCNC 100w Blue and White randomly misses out sections of a cut, it looks like tabs but there are no tabs and it can happen on curves and straight lines like the box in the image.
    Any help or advice or where to look to try and investigate this issue greatly appreciated, it’s driving me crazy.

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    Re: ChinaCNC 100w missing cuts - help needed

    If it happens a lot you can pin it down:
    Something blocking beam - when tube doesn’t turn off
    From controller- when happens in same spot
    From tube & PS - wiring loose somewhere.

    Keep in mind that these units have door and water interlocks. If the door opens the beam will stop. Not sure if it keeps moving or not. You can easily test by cracking the door open in a cut. Same with water.

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    Re: ChinaCNC 100w missing cuts - help needed

    Thanks for the advice, I cut out 40 shapes in a single cut today, 5 different designs all different sizes. All but 3 cut all the way around and dropped out. The 3 that didn’t had what looked like tabs the gaps were so small, but they had 3 or 4 around the shape preventing it from being detached. I had to do a second pass on these and the second pass cut them out.
    Can’t really slow down the job as they are at 16mms @ 40% power which cuts through my 3mm mdf like a hot knife through butter.
    Because it’s such a small interruption in cutting it’s very hard to try and identify the reason.

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    Re: ChinaCNC 100w missing cuts - help needed

    could be laser start and end point. on photo shown engraving is ok but cut is not. if others have defect in cust but not engraving then i would check controller setting also if this is new symprom oit was happening before... try to cut just rectangles see what happens. once you can reproduce error all the time then its easier to fix it

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