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    Exclamation Chinese milling machine ZAY7030V

    Some people do their own machining to make their milling machines that work like cnc and others just buy a kit, the most popular conversions if I am not wrong are the grizzly g0704 and the pm-30mv, they are somewhat expensive, do you know some?

    So looking for something just a little cheaper I found a Chinese milling machine that its structure and external appearance is very similar to the grizzly g0704 and the pm-30mv, I think that all the structures are of the same design from some supplier.

    The point is: do any of you know the Chinese milling machine ZAY7030V made by WMTCNC, could I make a conversion so that it works as cnc, machining my own adaptations, has someone already bought it?

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    Re: Chinese milling machine ZAY7030V

    They're all more or less the same.
    I have the next one down (25LV) in the uk from Amadeal.
    This would be my next which is the same as that 30:

    I would strongly suggest finding one with R8 taper rather than MT3.
    I made all my own basic parts manually for X & Y to start with and used DFU1605.
    Once they were working (near enough) I made parts for Z using the table automated.
    Once Z was fitted up and working properly I went back to X & Y and made more refined parts for it.

    It's not too difficult a process but the constant tear downs and rebuilds can get a bit mundane. The 25 was heavy enough. The 30 is almost double, so bear that in mind.

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