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    Cholshester tornado 120M SRAM

    Hello all do anybody have a Cholshester tornado 120M i need a SRAM Backup to compare to my backup
    My SRAM in machine went faulty i replaced the card and did SRAM restore from my Backup but now machine
    behaves strange asking to press handle x and handle z and then X+ to dor a x referenceing never did that before and i cant get the zero point setup to work. as soon as i change apc on x to 1 i get a communications alarm the control is FANUC 21-T. the SRAM Backup set apc and apz for x axis to zero and opt bit to 1 doesnt seem right. So any body with a 120M that can help with SRAM Backup please
    Cholshester want to charge me a lot of money for their backup. and i dont want to pay and then i get the same Backup i already have.

    Thank you

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    Re: Cholshester tornado 120M SRAM

    contact me at [email protected]/ +918168294379 (whatsapp)

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