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    Chris' G0704 build

    Well, after doing a bunch of research I've decided to convert a G0704. I looked at converting my RF30 but I don't have the time to make all of the parts manually and my quest to buy a RTR CNC mill (Dyna 2400) fell through 3 times.

    I've already ordered the G0704 from Grizzly and CNC Fusion's premium conversion kit.

    My plan is to use with Hoss' Digital Package (KL5056D drivers, 570oz steppers, 48V/12.5A supply) from Automation Direct.

    I still have a few blanks to fill in. I am planning to use a Lenovo Core i3 laptop. It doesn't have parallel or serial ports, so I am looking into the Ethernet Smooth Stepper.

    I'm also interested in getting a MPG. I've tried searching the zone for recommendations, but it fails when I try.

    This will be my first CNC conversion, so any input would be appreciated.


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    I love my vistacnc!

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    Are you going to use the MPG for roughing, milling, or setup? I use a wireless xbox controller. Its no good for milling but its great for roughing and setting up.
    Just another option.

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    Well, I've decided to dump the laptop. I don't need the extra headache involved with the USB/Ethernet setup. I can pick up a used Dell SFF machine with XP SP3 for around $80 off Craigslist. Even after I throw a monitor in I'm ahead of the game and there is less complexity to deal with.

    Now, for the pendant, am I correct in assuming that it connects directly to the PC? I think I will use it mainly for setup, but I can see using it to do some manual like milling too.

    I've decided to use the C35 board with the RJ45 connectors. I hate rats nest wiring and this should really reduce the clutter.

    I think I will put in my order for the the bulk of the electronics tomorrow. I just need to complete my list of odds and ends.


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    An option for a pendant is to use a cheapo (about $6 on e-bay) usb game controller like the picture below. I have one and it works pretty well as a pendant for everything I have needed. I use LinuxCNC, but I know folks have used these in mach3 too. Just search for "usb joypad" on e-bay if interested.
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    I have an Xbox 360 controller that I don't use very often. I suppose I could try it out for a while and see if it fills my needs.

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    I placed the orders for the electronics today. I decided to skip the MPG for now. I have enough to figure out as it is.

    Here's what I ordered:

    Automation Technologies
    3 x KL-5056D Digital Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver-32 bit DSP Based
    3 x NEMA23 570oz/in 5A 3/8” Dual Shaft Stepper Motor (KL23H2100-50-4B)
    1 x 48VDC/12.5A Switching CNC Power Supply
    1 x Aluminum Controller Box (up to 4 axis)
    3 x Motor Cable with connector, 12ft

    1 x A1 - Parallel Cable
    1 x A36 -10FT Booted Cat5e Network Patch Cable
    1 x A30 - RJ45 Pass Through Panel Mount
    3 x C34KLD - Driver to RJ45 Connector Board for Keling's Digital Drivers
    1 x A32 Mechanical Switch Assembly to RJ45
    3 x IP40 NEMA23 Back Cover Kit
    4 x A26 - 1 FT Booted Cat5e Network Patch Cable

    Hopefully I didn't miss anything too important.

    I got an email with a tracking number from Grizzly this morning. My machine will be here on Friday afternoon.


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    It will be interesting to see how the RJ45 pieces hook up.


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    I got the stand cleaned up and ready for the mill to show up. I built this about 10 years ago for my RF30. The base is 2"x2"x.125" tubing with 2x3x.125" tubing for the top. It is 60" wide by 35" deep by 36" tall. It should have no problem holding up the G0704. I'm planning to add aluminum sides and a front plexiglass panel to keep the chips from getting all over the shop.
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    I went ahead and picked up a Dell 745 SFF PC off Craigslist. $110 with a 19" monitor. It's got a 3.4ghz Pentium, 3gb of ram and a 128mb video card. It should be fine for running MACH3.

    My machine arrives this afternoon. I'm heading home from work in about an hour to wait for the Fedex driver to show up. I'm hoping I can get it up my driveway without having to take it apart.
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    The box man came yesterday. The mill showed up at about 2:30. I had the column and head off in about 30 minutes. Lifted the three pieces up on the bench separately and had it back together by 4:30. I spent some time cleaning it up and doing the break in. I wrapped up and realized that I left the bellows off the column.

    I got this oiler off eBay for $65 shipped. Installing it will be my first project after I get the CNC conversion done. I will mill the oil passages when I open the carriage for the ball screws.Click image for larger version. 

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    Cool, makes me jealous.

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    My order from CDCO showed up last night. I bought a 4" vice, clamp kit, R8 collet set, R8 flycutter, 123 blocks and a vise stop. There was a little rust on the flycutter right at the taper and the handle for the vise looks like a dog chewed on it. It's kind of sad because the vise itself looks really good.The handle on my 4;' and 6" Enco vises were much nicer.

    UPS is supposed to drop off my controller parts from Automation Technologies today. Anyone know of a build thread for the controller? I have an idea of how to procede, but it would be great to follow someone's lead on it.

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    Well, I got started on the controller last night. I'm not that excited about the enclosure. First off the standoffs for the BOB are pressed in and of course they are in the wrong places for the C35. The drivers are in the way of the AC power inlet/outlet. They will only fit one way and it isn't the way I'd prefer. The RJ-45 adapters for the drivers also make them too tall to fit in the enclosure so I won't be able to use both ends of the RJ-45 cables for the final assembly. The 12.5A power supply is big enough that the E-Stop needs to be moved. :tired:

    I have a plan on how to make everything fit in the enclosure now. I'm going to move the BOB back 2", closer to the drivers by 1-2" and up 1.75" so it will stack on top of my 5v/12v supply. The E-stop is going to be moved onto the machine or it's enclosure eventually anyway, so I will just cut a new front panel for the controller.

    So, I made a temporary hookup last night and got my 5v/12v supply hooked up to the BOB and case fan. I also got one driver hooked up to the BOB and 48V PS. I was able to get the X axis motor turning this morning using a slot wizard to give me some G code to run. :banana:

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    I just got an email from CNC Fusion that my kit is on the way. It should be here next Tuesday. :banana:

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    Excellent, congrats, I look forward to watching and learning-


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    I got the drives, 5v/12v PS and BOB mounted last night. I realized this morning that if I raised the BOB another 3/4" the RJ45 cables would clear the 48V PS and not have to make a sharp bend right off the BOB. Off to the electronics surplus store for the 3rd day in a row...
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    I got the longer standoffs and ribbon parallel cable today. After the kids went to bed I got the drives wired up to the BOB. I hooked it back up to the PC and the steppers weren't moving. I spent about 20 minutes chasing my tail until I realized that the settings I set last night weren't saved.

    I'm going to get some nicer wire for the AC and DC power. The stuff I have is stiff and a PITA to work with.Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by fretsman View Post
    Excellent, congrats, I look forward to watching and learning-

    Thanks Dave. I've been reading my butt off lately trying to learn as much as I can, but I am definitely a rookie when it comes to CNC.

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