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Thread: Cimco Edit

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    Cimco Edit

    Hi guys,

    I can´t send and receive program with Cimco edit, i set the same parameters that the control. Actually use Hyperterminal and i want change this for Cimco. Exists a configuration for Haas lathe?

    Thanks for your time,


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    alain aleman:

    You did not specify your settings.

    I will suggest the following as a starter:

    At HAAS 9600 baud rate, 7 data bits, 1 stop bit, even parity, software handshake.

    Use a cable with a 25 pin male connector at HAAS and a 9 pin cable female at the PC. Do not use a USB to RS232, but use a PCI card in the mother board if there is no internal RS232. Connect pin 2 to pin 2, pin 3 to pin 3, pin 7 on the 25 pin connector to pin 5 on the 9 pin connector. Pin 1 on the 25 pin connector to the shield. This is the only shield connection. Make a short cable, like 10 ft, with these connections.

    At the PC, assuming windows like XP, go to the device manager and disable the FIFO for the COM port you are using.

    In CIMCO Edit select TRANSMISSON, DNC SETUP, pick a machine, use standard generic protocol, generic ISO, and pick setup.

    Now set the parameters --- your COM port, 9600 baud rate, 7 data bits, 1 stop bit, even parity, software handshake, do not enable DTR, RTS, use \17 for Xon, \19 for Xoff. The defaults for RECEIVE and TRANSMIT are probably OK. Pick OK to save your changes.

    Use Send File and Receive File for communication.

    Put HAAS in receive first, then initiate send at the PC.
    Put PC in Receive File, then initiate send at HAAS.


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    i use cimcoedit to send my programs to a haas vf-3. works great! i don't know all the specifics off hand, but i think i am sending at 128,000 baud rate

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    Re: Cimco Edit

    I want to connect the cimco edit via the ethernet cable to the cnc machine plugged directly without adapter, the machine is fagor 8035t command, I want to send and receive cnc files, what would be the correct way to configure this in cimco edit?
    I've tried everything but no success.

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