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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Cincinnati CNC > Cincinnati milacron 750 (Floppy drive A: failure cmos time & data not set)
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    Unhappy Cincinnati milacron 750 (Floppy drive A: failure cmos time & data not set)

    Hello friends, today in the morning I faced a problem when I came to operate the machine and pressed the green button. (Floppy drive A: failure cmos time & data not set) This message appears and then it becomes a black screen. Can you help me?

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    Re: Cincinnati milacron 750 (Floppy drive A: failure cmos time & data not set)

    sounds like the battery that maintains the real CMOS clock has gone flat. Its common with machines of this age. Unfortunately its not as simple as just replacing the
    battery......critical data is lost when the battery fails, and refreshing that data is a big subject in itself.

    There are dozens of forum posts on this and similar subjects....search them out. There are a few companies whom specialise in Cincinnati machines and this sort of repair is well
    known to them. Despite the cost, they are are recommended.


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    (Floppy drive A: failure cmos time & data not set) - this indicates the battery on your WS board has failed. You can enter the BIOS and modify the date and time, update your floppy settings, and the control should boot. It will fail the diagnostics so the machine can't run until you reconfigure the rest of the settings though. If you send me a PM with your WS board part number (part number format is 3-424-21xxA0x) I can send the rest of the configuration to you.

    The other person was referring to the RT battery which is more complicated since there is no access to it from the operators station. In that case it is usually necessary to send the board out to have the BIOS reflashed.

    You may also have something else going on though as the screen should not normally go black after displaying the BIOS failure... it would normally wait for you to press a key to continue or enter the BIOS setup.

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    Re: Cincinnati milacron 750 (Floppy drive A: failure cmos time & data not set)

    I cannot see that the sticker on the silver device on the left side of the bottom has been erased, but on the right there is a code (3-424-2171A01) I am a beginner and think of battery

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    Sorry, I guess I assumed the battery needing to be replaced was obvious. Yes, replace WS battery then setup WS BIOS.

    I believe the part number you provided is a RT board, not WS so do not remove or replace the battery in that board.

    The WS board is the one on the left with the Keyboard, mouse, serial and video ports on the top.

    For clarification, the RT board is on the right and only has a keyboard (or keyboard and mouse) port, but none of the others.

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