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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Cincinnati CNC > Cincinnati Sabre 750/Acramatic 850 - No response when hitting master start
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    Cincinnati Sabre 750/Acramatic 850 - No response when hitting master start

    Hello All,

    Thanks for the very valuable resource. I have been getting by from reading posts to this forum for the last 8 months. Now I am stuck and need some direct help. I appreciate any information you can provide to me.

    I have a Cincinnati Milicron Sabre 750 with Acramatic 850. It was working fine a few days ago.

    Now I have a problem that I do not know where to begin.
    When I start the controller by pushing "master start" it completes the normal diagnostic tests then loads the MAI Software and comes to prompt "PRESS MASTER START" as it normally does. But when I hit this button it does nothing. no sounds from the machine no response at all. If it hit other buttons on the controller they make their usual beeping sounds but there is no response from the controller display or the machine.

    I am going to try to list out everything I have done that may have caused the problem below. Hopefully it does not lead us down the wrong path.

    1. Finally ready to hook up the computer for the 1st time, turn on machine every thing is fine.
    2. I go through the Align Axis process sucessfully
    3. I go to align the tool drum but there is a tool in the spindle so I remove it manually using the drawbar unclamp button.
    4. The tool comes out but there is a DRAWBAR UNCLAMP ERROR
    5. The previous owner told me one of the prox sensors was physically damaged and provided a replacement so I went and replaced it.
    6. The air connections to the drawbar are cracked and leaking air so I replace those
    7. I noticed a lot of moisture in the line so I climb under the machine and empty the water separators.
    8. I accidentally bump on the wench I used to pull the machine into its resting place and it slides the machine back about 2 inches.
    9. Start the machine and diagnoses fails with a "VOX Clamp" error
    10. Remove the new part, put in the old part diagnoses passes but master start is unresponsive
    11. put back the other part and "VOX Clamp" issue is gone but stiff master start is unresponsive.
    I have a stack of manuals 18" high and I cannot find any steps to take listed in them for this error.

    If you have any ideas of what to do or what to check please let me know.


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    Re: Cincinnati Sabre 750/Acramatic 850 - No response when hitting master start

    No one can help? I am dead in the water and don't know which direction to paddle. If this goes on for another 3 weeks I'm going to have to close my doors and shut the business down.

    Can you direct me to a place or a service where I can get help for this issue?

    I have since got my hands on the control reference manual and all of the LEDs are checking out as they should. I cannot get the control to come up into service mode.

    Where is the "MODE" key referenced from the control manual. My controller does not have a key with that name.

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    Re: Cincinnati Sabre 750/Acramatic 850 - No response when hitting master start

    email me tomorrow and i will send you contact info at mfgrer of that machine. they will help on phone. fives, hebron, ky


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    Re: Cincinnati Sabre 750/Acramatic 850 - No response when hitting master start

    Tengo un problema con un control Sabre 750 A2100 al que se cambió el codificador del husillo que controla la orientación ahora cuando la referencia genera la siguiente alarma 44-6 Falla de alineación de cuadrícula del eje C que creo que se debe a que el husillo no está orientado quería saber cuál es la forma de recalibrar el encoder y la orientación del husillo de antemano gracias.

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