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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Cincinnati CNC > Cincinnati Sabre error 39-53 and 39-6
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    Unhappy Cincinnati Sabre error 39-53 and 39-6

    Need help with one of our Sabres in shop, was working fine last week, went to fire it up and immediately gets an alarm 39-53, if you keep trying to power up the machine you will get 39-6 which says drives not ready. Since we have a few of these machines we swapped all the drives including spindle and power supply with no luck. The only reason we started swapping all the drives is because we do not get a red led on any the Kollmorgen drives?? I have a new signal cable that I have tried on all 3 drive motors and we get the same error, I do not have a new power cable to try for the motors though so not sure where to go right now. Can anyone help?

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    Re: Cincinnati Sabre error 39-53 and 39-6

    Take a look at your electrical prints and I think you may have a small logic relay on the I/O between the drives and the control. I have found that after some time the relay goes bad. The problem may not be in the drives if you don't have a red fault light on any of the drives.

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    Re: Cincinnati Sabre error 39-53 and 39-6

    Mike, is this relay on the I/O board itself? I dont see anything on the prints but the prints I got for the machine have the right serial number on them but it lists 850sx on the prints when its a A2100 control??

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    Re: Cincinnati Sabre error 39-53 and 39-6

    This was just a loose connection on the communication board where the thermostat wires for the drives go. All fixed

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    Re: Cincinnati Sabre error 39-53 and 39-6

    Tengo un problema con un control Sabre 750 A2100 al que se cambió el codificador del husillo que controla la orientación ahora cuando la referencia genera la siguiente alarma 44-6 Falla de alineación de cuadrícula del eje C que creo que se debe a que el husillo no está orientado quería saber cuál es la forma de recalibrar el encoder y la orientación del husillo de antemano gracias.

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    Re: Cincinnati Sabre error 39-53 and 39-6

    RE: (Translated) I have a problem with a Saber 750 A2100 control that the spindle encoder that controls orientation was changed to now when the reference raises the following alarm 44-6 C-axis Grid Alignment Failure which I think is due to the spindle not.

    Alarm 44-6:
    Message 044-00006 (0x2C0006) is: '%1' Axis Grid Align Failure
    Cause: The grid align for the '%1' axis completed its alignment move without finding the marker pulse.
    Remedy: Check the encoder, encoder wiring and marker pulse setup. The marker pulse setup is located in the servo configuration axis date. The Index Invert A and Index Invert B fields must be set correctly or the marker pulse may be missed.

    If you have a high torque spindle; it looks at a Proximity Switch that senses the Cam on Top of the Spindle-Pulley for the once per revolution marker pulse (Grid). High-Torque would be checked in the Machine Application page.
    If not high torque the resolver has a Sine/Cos and Feedback-Reference and the (Grid) is looked at by the Spindle Drive and then sent to the control to the DV5-Port#1.
    If you Select 'Home' > 'Display' > 'Axis Displays' > Servo Setup & 'Green-Checkmark'; you will see 'DV7-1 Port#1' which is the Spindle/C-Axis. At the bottom if you rotate the spindle do you see the 'Encoder Count' 'Unwound' & 'Normal' change when you rotate the spindle by hand?

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