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    Circle Adjusted Beyond Maximum Adjustment

    Hello Community. I’ve been fighting a 2000’ish Fryer Mini mill for a few years now. I use creo (formerly pro engineer) to tailor the g-code for the machine. When the g-code is running on certain G2 moves (Circular Interpolation – CW) the CNC (Anilam 5000M kernel) will throw the above-mentioned message - Circle Adjusted Beyond Maximum Adjustment. The typical block looks like this: N180 G2 X-3.593 Y7.674 I-22.283 J7.763 – please note the coordinates are in mm units. The machine keeps running the g-code until the error message container is full and the machine will just halt/stop/not move.
    In the anilam setup utility -> General Software – Control Software there is a “Circle Adjustment” option which has two choices. I’ve tried “end point” and “center” but the program will halt the same way.
    The current setup options are:
    5. Circle Adjustment … End-Point
    6. Circle Centers …Incremental
    7. Maximum Arc Correction … 0.254000
    16. Enable radius compensation error checking … No
    Is someone can recommend a creo translator/g-code converter for the anilam 5000M I’d appreciate it.
    If you have any other recommendations on how to take care of this circle adjustment issue please let me know.

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    Re: Circle Adjusted Beyond Maximum Adjustment

    If the situation only occurs on a G2 move,is there a parameter within the Creo options that might be altered?I raise the point because if a G3 move would run and a G2 causes problems then it might be worth a close examination of the parameters applied to both to see if there is a difference.I haven't worked with Creo but did have a little familiarity with the design side in the days when it first became Wildfire.Things I might check would be number of decimal places for each and whether there might be a chordal deviation tolerance that differs for G2 and G3.The error message regarding "Circle Adjusted Beyond Maximum Adjustment" would point me to this line of investigation.Could there be a setting in the post processor somewhere?Good luck with solving the problem.

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    Re: Circle Adjusted Beyond Maximum Adjustment

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