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    Citizen L20 crosslide moves when drilling

    We recently acquired 2001 Citizen L20, and I noticed something unusual when programming. When calling out T21-T23 for face drilling, for some reason my Y1 moves in Sync with X2.
    The program is something like this:


    Is it normal for Y1 to move in sync with X2? Is there anyway to program so it doesn't do that?
    I don't have a lot of experience on Citizen Swiss, mostly on Nomuras, and Tsugamis.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Citizen L20 crosslide moves when drilling

    When you go into G821, your gang slide should escape to a safe position as your sub moves your 20s tool into position. Your gang should park itself with tool 1 over the stock and about 3-5" above the stock. Once your gang is parked in the safe position it should NOT be moving while your 20s tools are working.
    That said, all my experience has been with newer L machines that use G610 instead of G821. Per the Citizen manual, the two modes are the same except that G610 automatically positions your sub in Z (no need for M140). From the handbook: "This (G610) replaces the L51620's G821 command because G610 works deeply with the first T2x00 call to move Z2 in while changing the mode."
    Short answer, no Y1 should not be synced with X2.

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    Re: Citizen L20 crosslide moves when drilling

    On the L320 the Y1 axis is synced with the X2 axis . This is normal condition on this machine.

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