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    Citizen M3-32 programs - allowable comments?


    I have a question on the amount of allowable comments in a Citizen M32 lathe program. I've been programming for years but am new with Citizen machines. Our shop has about 350 CNC machines and about 40 Swiss lathes. The shop has begun to implement a standardized format for program numbering and program headers in an effort to more clearly document our CNC programs as part of our ISO 9001 certification and just to organize things in general. Previously we would have numerous machines with the same program numbers for different parts and some with no information at all in the program to identify what it is used for. We've begun to use a unified numbering system and have put a few lines of comments in the beginning of our CNC programs to identify the customer, part number, revision level, etc.

    When attempting to put more than one comment in a program for our Citizen Gen 3 M32 programs, it seems as if this is not allowed. Searching through the manuals, I can't find a clear definition on the rules regarding program comments. In the main program of my first machine, I started the program with it's beginning "O" number and then the one comment next to it (that's seen on the screen) in parentheses. If i put four more lines of info, it will input the program but when it scans it before putting it into the program list, it errors out with "File System Error 7(prog number). Stripping the lines of comments out and just leaving the one comment on the "O" first line, it takes the program fine. There appears to be plenty of memory in the controller, just doesn't like the comments. When loading a bar load program with the first comment line and three lines of comments below it, it loads the program fine but when you display the program on the list screen, it doesn't have any content, just the first line and the three lines of comments, nothing else. It shows that it has the correct size in the program character size parameter in the list but doesn't list the rest of the program, Apparently the whole thing loaded, but the comments are all that is recognized. Stripping the comments other than the first line comment, allows the program to be recognized and used.

    If I try to put a program in another Citizen such as an older B2-12 with the extra comments, the comments are displayed fine with no errors, perhaps it is because the other Citizens are Fanuc controllers and this M32 is a Mitsubishi controller (Cincom System M6D).

    Does anyone know the rules regarding comment usage in a M3-32 machine? Do the older Mitsubishi controllers have a rule regarding comment usage (limiting it to just the first comment in the opening line? Is it just the M32 series? Is there a format that would allow extra comment to be used? Anyone familiar with these controls? Useful info anywhere? I've searched and haven't been able to locate much on this. The manual doesn't seem to have any info the comment aspect of the program.

    Thanks, any info would help,


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    Re: Citizen M3-32 programs - allowable comments?

    this is a copy of a beginning program from an citizen A-32 with the mitsubishi control that has three lines of comment and once in a while i will put in another line with what changes were made to the program after the date for a fourth line of text
    can you post a copy of the program so that it can be looked at ?

    O7991458(SHOULDER BOLT )
    (7991458 REV B)

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    Re: Citizen M3-32 programs - allowable comments?

    Thanks for the code snippet. I figured out what the issue was, I had the comments below my first line before the $1 and this was most likely why I was getting my troubles. I also noticed that it would error out when trying to load programs while the machine was running. It would load the smaller ones but the larger ones, the machine has to be stopped before loading them. I also noticed by loading several different versions and noting the results that the percent sign isn't necessary. If you put a percent sign in the beginning and the end of the program, it sees this sign as a program end signal and will recognize nothing after it, so all you see will be the one percent sign. It just needs to see the "O" number to signify start of program. If you load the program with the percent sign at the end it is ok, and if you load it with no percent sign at all, it is also ok with that but the control will put a percent sign at the end. When you output the program the program, there will be a percent sign at the end.

    I guess the A-32 might be different as i see a percent sign in the beginning of your program.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: Citizen M3-32 programs - allowable comments?

    please help me , i need post processor for citizen cincom m32 to machining in esprit pleas urgently

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    Re: Citizen M3-32 programs - allowable comments?

    The DHS has received numerous comments on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for border security operations, including concerns about wordle nyt their impact on privacy and civil liberties. These comments include concerns about privacy and civil liberties implications associated with using UAVs for surveillance or search and rescue operations, as well as concerns about the potential impact on public safety from using UAVs for border security operations.

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    Re: Citizen M3-32 programs - allowable comments?

    I am also facing the same problem and slope fortunately I have solved my problem in this article.

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    Re: Citizen M3-32 programs - allowable comments?

    I think for this error message you should get professional to deal with the problem. I wordle the same problem before and then I had to contact the technical team to get it fixed.

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