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    CL-2MD - 5 Axis Make it to work

    Hi guyz,

    I'm in need of your help. The factory where I started to work owns this machine CL-2MD - 5 Axis | cmie.ro . They brought it from china years ago and have never worked with 5 axis. Now they want me to make it work. I'm totally lost, because I have no experience with it, I've only worked with 3 axis machines. I know it sounds stupid but could anyone give me a starting point? I dont even know which software to use and how to input that machine definitions. I tried SprutCam and it looks nice (SprutCAM — CAM Software Solution for Your Manufacturing Needs) but couldn't go far...
    Please guide me guyz I'm in a trouble


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    Re: CL-2MD - 5 Axis Make it to work

    You aren't in too much trouble unless you told them you are a 5-axis guru - clearly they don't know how to use it either! Step one I would think is to settle on a CAM package and have that supplier get you a good post processor. Without those pieces, the machine can't be expected to do "anything". 5-axis CAM is complex and expensive, and the pool of resources is not very large! I know a few packages that CAN work: MasterCam, BobCad, SprutCam, GibbsCam. I am sure there are more. Make sure you get a package that will offer you STRONG learning support because your learning curve will be HUGE for this task. Good luck, and don't put too much pressure on yourself - they want you to feel it is "your fault" for not knowing answers that they don't know theyselves, and your management likely has no idea how difficult learning 5-axis programming is going to be!
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    Re: CL-2MD - 5 Axis Make it to work

    You can get your answer if you know the details of 5 axis cnc, and I think this can help you..


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    Re: CL-2MD - 5 Axis Make it to work

    Thnx guys for quick reply, at least now I know the weight of task. I think I'll stick to SprutCam. Thnx for resources, I'll try my best

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    Re: CL-2MD - 5 Axis Make it to work

    someone can help about this machine?

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