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    Clear tool data OSP7000L

    Hi I have LU15 with OSP7000L control and IGF.

    I am just getting around to programming using the IGF and would like a clean slate to start from. I think the previous owner used up every single tool space in the library! I can’t figure out how to erase them all so I can start with just my own tools that I actually have here on hand, without all their stuff muddying things up. Is there a way to do this?

    And is there also a way to clear all tool offset data, without deleting other stuff (parameters etc).

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    Re: Clear tool data OSP7000L

    hy mmpie

    would like a clean slate to start from
    even if you wish for a clean state, this is not a must ... in other words, some preferences should not be reseted, or even more, is not critical to use them, thus they can be by-passed

    I think the previous owner used up every single tool space in the library!
    i can't help with specifics for your machine, since i have no experience with 7000series; but here are a few tips :
    ... inside each record, look for the edit key, and simply edit those ones that are close to your needs; for the others, search for delete
    ... there may be 2 libraries with models :
    ...... one for the real simulation
    ...... one for igf
    *they are not linked, thus is possible to have a virtual setup inside igf that is different from the real setup of the machine
    *library for the real simulation can be by-passed, but igf is not so forgiving

    in other words :
    ... if you code in igf, you will have to set grafics for each tool, and some settings may autoload from allready existing database
    ... if you code long hand, you may move the machine straight forward, without carring about graphics
    ... some people like graphics, because the monitor shows what is hapening inside the machine and there is the cas

    osp allows for many atributes to be defined for a tool, but the only ones that are critical are : offset & radius - others are not critical ( wear is not critical; Pnose radius is not critical, since rad comp quad can be defined by using positive/negative radius, or even 0 )

    many programers get lost into this field of atributes, and after a while some complain about the downtime required to create the virtual models

    is there also a way to clear all tool offset data
    yes, it should be ... but, if there are 32eg records, and your turret has 12 stations, i would suggest reseting only 12, unless/until you will start using multiples edges/offsets per tool station

    also, i would let all those offsets as they are, and only adjust the ones that i need : thus i wouldn't care about the " others "

    however, i use to do this :
    ... using a flashing program, before setting a new setup, in order to reset all tool data : i do this, because i use some anti-collision custom programs, that take into consideration tool offset and program zero
    ... log tool data, in order to create correction charts
    * and other things

    my point, is that if you wish to reset current values only because they don't let you sleep well at work and concentrate, then just ignore them

    And is there also a way to clear all tool offset data, without deleting other stuff (parameters etc).
    editing tool data do not influence parameters value ... but, since you asked about this, try do to a back-up of your parameters, because, in the future, if something happens, you won't worry about tool data, since tool data can be restored in 60secons/turret station, but parameters, once lost ... may remain lost, especially on older cnc models / kindly
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