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    Question Cloning Fanuc Data Server HDD ?

    I've been at this for weeks now but can't get it to work.
    We have a Fanuc machine with a bad Data Server disk, I've tried replacing the disk with a disk from another machine and it works.
    So my plan was too clone the working disk onto a new disk and use that in the machine with the broken disk.

    There is very little information about this (none), so I'm woundering if anyone has done it?

    I've tried with different disks, 3,5", 2,5", IDE/PATA, Solid State IDE drive.
    I've tried Acronis.
    I've tried HDClone.
    I've made bitcopies.
    I've checked the raw data on the disk and it look identical.

    What am I missing?
    Any information is welcome.

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    Re: Cloning Fanuc Data Server HDD ?

    Are you referring to the disk DRIVE or the 'floppy' disk?

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    Re: Cloning Fanuc Data Server HDD ?

    I have had good luck using clonezilla to copy disks in raw mode with non-standard file systems. It sounds like you already tried to do a raw copy though, so I am not sure why it is not working.
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    Re: Cloning Fanuc Data Server HDD ?

    You could look in to using a linux rescue disk and boot a pc from that rescue disk.
    Also, linux offers a program called "DD" that can be used to copy literally Everything from one disk to another.
    It is probably included in the rescue disk too, and probably installed with every linux system.

    But study it well, it is easy to make big mistakes using dd..

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    Re: Cloning Fanuc Data Server HDD ?

    Hi Tonper, did you figure out how to clone this drive? Any chance you could send me the clone image from your drive? My hard drive crashed in my Fanuc data server and am looking to work with a clone image.


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