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    cnc 1200 - 1200 mm need help

    hello guys am new member
    am a 3D architectural designer
    i bought a chinise cnc with a table (1200/1200mm) without its own computer
    so i bought an computer for it i instaled the driver card correctly and the nc studio too and the machine is working ...
    now the problem is when i give it an order to cut a square (150/150mm) ... the machine cut it (120/60mm)
    i dont know what to do
    any advices ?

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    Re: cnc 1200 - 1200 mm need help

    That sounds like a problem with your steps per unit settings. You need to increase the steps proportionate to the error until it cuts accurately. If you know the pitch of your screws and the micro-stepping factor of your drives you can calculate it, but trial and error works too.
    Andrew Werby

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