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    CNC 3018 Pro Z Probe pin

    I have bought cnc 3018 Pro machine and I would like to install in it z probe, but I don't know which pin is responsible for that? Is it even possible in my model? Bellow images for my motherboard:

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    Re: CNC 3018 Pro Z Probe pin

    On an Arduino Uno, the GRBL Probe input is on A5. I suspect this board follows the Uno pinout which makes it pin 28 on the processor on your board. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have a probe pin connector. So much for "Pro". You could try using a DMM to find if pin 28 goes anywhere.

    By the way, the standard woodpecker board (which does follow the Uno pinout) has an unlabeled pin that is the probe input. Are you sure the board pictured is the board you have?

    Also, what are the "Steering Gear" pins for?

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    Re: CNC 3018 Pro Z Probe pin

    Most definitely this is my board (attached real photo). Thank you it seems that pin 28 is connected to right pin of what is labelled on the image as "Knife". It is also written on motherboard as J-A5 so I believe it is it. I have no idea what is "Steering Gear" in my machine they are unused.

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    Re: CNC 3018 Pro Z Probe pin

    I have the same. Did this work for you?
    Mike N

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